The Subdued Club will include tonal and variegated yarns, often with speckles in soft tones and colorways. These won't necessarily be pastels, they'll just be more neutral, less high contrast than some of my usual offerings. 

The fun part is that this year's monthly colorways are going to work a little differently than usual. This year, I want more of your input! 

For the Subdued Club, please send an email to with an inspiration photo of an image you would like to see dyed up - make sure it is in line with the theme. If it isn't a personal or stock photo, please also send a link to the photo so that I know who to credit if I use it.

Not every inspiration photo will used but each one received is appreciated!

The first Subdued Club colorways will be listed in early February. I will dye up several bases and quantities for the initial listing and then the colorway(s) will be listed as dyed to order for the remainder of the month. As February comes to a close, the listing will come down and that colorway recipe will be locked in the vault for the next six months. It may return to the line up or it may not! A new colorway will be listed every month following this cycle.